Reviews I have written of other writers’ books.

for Words Dance

Lauren Gordon’s Keen, Horse Less Press, 2015.

for Atticus Review

Kristy Bowen’s major characters in minor films, Sundress Publications 2015

for Up the Staircase Quarterly

Ha Kiet Chau’s Woman Come Undone, Mouthfeel Press, 2014.

Les Kay’s Badass, Lucky Bastard Press, 2015.

Sara Henning’s Garden Effigies, dancing girl press 2015

June Sylvester Saraceno’s Of Dirt and Tar, Cherry Grove Collections 2014

William Taylor Jr.’s The Blood of a Tourist, sunnyoutside 2014

James Claffey’s Blood a Cold Blue, Press 53 2013

Sophia Argyris’ How Do the Parakeets Stay Green?, Indigo Dreams Publishing 2014

Linda Lerner’s Ding Dong the Bell, Pussy in the Well, Lummox Press 2014

Tim Suermondt’s Just Beautiful, New York Quarterly Books 2010

Bud Smith’s Everything Neon, Marginalia Publishing 2014

Zarina Zabrisky’s We, Monsters, Numina Press 2013

James H. Duncan’s The Cards We Keep, Hobo Camp Press 2013

Heather Minette’s Rooftops and Other Poems, Blue Hour Press 2013

John Yamrus’ BARK, Epic Rites Press 2013

Connie Post’s And When the Sun Drops, Finishing Line Press 2012

John Swain’s White Vases, Crisis Chronicles Press 2012

Carolyn Srygley-Moore’s miracles of the BloG: A Series, Punk Hostage Press 2012

Anthony Pritchard’s MirrorRealms, 2009

Oneal Walters’ The Age Begins, The Age Begins Books 2009

C. Allen Rearick’s Through These Eyes, Tainted Coffee Press 2008

Ellaraine Lockie’s Blue Ribbons at the County Fair, PWJ Publishing 2008


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