Interview with April Michelle Bratten, Co-founder of the Tandem Reader Awards

The Sundress Blog Sundress: First, can you tell our readers what the Tandem Reader Awards are and what you and your team hope to accomplish with this launch? April Michelle Bratten: Tandem Reader Awards are a post-publication chapbook award and a new nonprofit organization. President Rhiannon Thorne and I are passionate about chapbooks and theContinue reading “Interview with April Michelle Bratten, Co-founder of the Tandem Reader Awards”

Help Launch Tandem Reader Awards

Please visit the Tandem Reader Awards Fundraiser Donating to their campaign has some really nice—and unique—perks! Including handwritten poems signed by the author from poets Kaveh Akbar, Heather Bell, Sarah Blake, Chen Chen, Siaara Freeman, and Megan Peak. Tandem Reader Awards is a FEE-FREE post-publication award for chapbooks, where the award will be given toContinue reading “Help Launch Tandem Reader Awards”

Review: Ha Kiet Chau’s Woman Come Undone

I reviewed Ha Kiet Chau’s amazing book, Woman Come Undone, in the latest issue of Up the Staircase Quarterly: “What does it mean to let go completely, of mind, body? In this collection of poetry, Chau explores how one must come undone in order to be reborn.” You can jump over to UtSQ to readContinue reading “Review: Ha Kiet Chau’s Woman Come Undone”

Review: Les Kay’s Badass

I reviewed Les Kay’s book of poetry, Badass, in issue #32 of Up the Staircase Quarterly: “Badass is a 50+ page singular poem that oftentimes uses strong language, drugs, and violence to delve into the licentious minds of a group of teenagers. The reader is then flash-forwarded into a more quiet and reminiscent adulthood.” ReadContinue reading “Review: Les Kay’s Badass”

Lyric Essentials: April Michelle Bratten reads “Songs to Joannes” parts I-V by Mina Loy

Thanks to the cool people over at Sundress Publications, I was chosen as the first guest in their new feature Lyric Essentials. Click the link below to hear me read an excerpt from Mina Loy’s poem “Song to Joannes” + an interview about some of my thoughts on her life and work.

New Three to Read + a Contest!

My recent edition of Three to Read is up at Words Dance! This time I highlight poems by Nina Puro, Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick, and Gina Keicher. Check out what I had to say about their beautiful work HERE. This week I am also judging a flash fiction contest for Sundress Publications. The theme for thisContinue reading “New Three to Read + a Contest!”