Selected Poems

“did I ever tell you I believe in palmistry”Grimoire Magazine

“Quasar”Glass: a Journal of Poetry

“God has a girlfriend (and it isn’t me)”, “How to Read Innocence”, & “in the dark”Screen Door Review: Literary Voices of the Queer South.

Three EverQuest PoemsCartridge Lit.

“The Summer of Anne” & “The Lonely”Tinderbox Poetry Journal.

“Droop” & “Where We Live”The Boiler Journal.

“Anne’s Sadness,” “The Deer,” & “To Write a Letter When There is Too Much to Say”  – Punchnel’s.

“Nipping at Heels”Thrush Poetry Journal.

“Thick Skin”Stirring: A Literary Collection.

“If you don’t know by now, you never will” Gargoyle.

“Love is all we ever had (and it was always enough)”Zone 3.

“Orange”Southeast Review.


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